Glenorie Brigade

Recently we met a young and very brave local who proved he is a hero after being on the scene to help out Glenorie Brigade personnel.

Glenorie Brigade had the pleasure of presenting to primary school student Trey O’Connor, a certificate of appreciation for his incredible service at the scene of an accident that occured directly outside his home.

Mum Sharon helped stop traffic and Trey tirelessly ran back and forth to assist firefighter Johanssen and supply the casualty with water, blankets, and towels before more help arrived.

His heroic effort and assistance made a positive impact in those first vital minutes. It doesn’t matter how old, or big, or strong you are, it matters how big your heart is. Trey O’Connor demonstrated an incredible concern for the wellbeing of others and collectively all of Glenorie Brigade are happy to commend him for his thoughtfulness and bravery.

Like Trey, we all need to be prepared for emergencies. As part of this ethos, First-Aid training is an ongoing and important part of being first responders in the Rural Fire Service.

Glenorie Brigade is currently conducting training and requalification for crew members. It takes many willing bodies and a few dummies to ensure there is a quick and appropriate first-aid response when needed in our semi-rural community. Luckily we have an abundance of both to help us!

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