Georgia Says Hello to Adele

Local resident Georgia Rughetta, age 8, from South Maroota was very excited when her family decided to go to the Adele concert. They were lucky enough to get tickets quite close to the front. Georgia had made a big sign saying ‘I Love You Adele’ and had decided to buy Adele’s son, Angelo, a Smiggle voucher. She had used her birthday money to buy the voucher.

Georgia’s mum, Nikki, was concerned the sign was too big and might block the view of those behind them, but Georgia was careful. When Adele walked off the main stage and down the walkways, Georgia started waving her sign, and called out “Adele, I have something for you”. Amazingly in a crowd of 95,000 people making lots of noise, Adele heard Georgia’s voice. She knelt down and asked Georgia what she had said, still struggling to hear above the noise, the security men allowed and assisted Georgia onto stage. Wow! Georgia was awestruck. Here she was in front of her idol, on stage with a crowd of 95,000 looking on. Without thinking, she hugged Adele and told her she had bought a Smiggle voucher for her son. Adele was very excited about this, and thanked Georgia for her generosity. Adele asked Georgia a little bit about herself, then Georgia returned to her family – who were equally so excited for her.

Since her time on stage, Georgia has become known as ‘the smiggle girl’ in news reports and has been recognised a number of times when out. She has been interviewed on commercial TV channels. Smiggle contacted the Rughetta family to thank them for purchasing the Smiggle voucher. They invited Georgia to visit their Castle Hill store to give her a new voucher to replace the one she had given to Adele’s son. Additionally, they gave her some money for a ‘shopping spree’ at the store. Always thinking of others, Georgia decided to donate that money, plus her mum Nikki, matched the amount, and together they bought items for the Ronald McDonald House. Smiggle also donated $500 to Dural Public School where Georgia attends.

The Georgia and the Rughetta family have been overwhelmed by the response to Georgia’s time on stage with Adele. Georgia has two siblings, twins Isabelle and Leanne, when we spoke to Isabelle and asked if she felt a little envious of all the attention on her sister, she said “No, she is so kind, it’s time for her to shine”