GEOHEX Erosion Control System


GEOHEX Erosion Control System is an Australian-made plastic grid turf and substrate stabiliser that has a huge variety of uses and applications. Being independently certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), GEOHEX is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly substitute to concrete and bitumentype products.

As a cost-effective surface stabilisation and erosion solution for soil stability problems, GEOHEX has been designed to prevent erosion, stabilise infill material and control shearing, lateral and vertical movement in a wide range of soil and substrate types.

With its innovative plastic matting construction and unique connection system, GEOHEX can be laid quickly and costefficiently, either in linear or bend sections in any weather and at any time of the year.

• Site rehabilitation
• Landscape engineering
• Equestrian centres
• Sheds and Warehouses
• Rural gateways
• Driveways
• Bush areas
• Golf courses
• Playgrounds
• Bike tracks
• Parking areas

GEOHEX Erosion Control System has been designed with a 99.7% non-porous surface that has been engineered to allow rainwater to slowly run off into soil and then into the water table rather than having it to run off to drainage. This minimises drainage issues and also helps the environment by contributing to water conservation.

It is recommended that a sand bed be placed under GEOHEX so as to construct a perfectly flat surface.

The best infill for GEOHEX is an angular stone up to 10-15 mm in size, which locks together to restrict any further slope movement. Other recommended infill products include topsoil, sand, ornamental aggregate and fine gravel.

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