Arcadia & Galston Resident Association: Galston Village Public Domain Plan

In May, AGRA hosted a well-attended meeting featuring James Frawley and Danni Hu, both Landscape and Urban Design Specialists from the Major Projects division of Hornsby Shire Council.

The focus was on the Galston Village Public Domain Plan, which includes much-needed upgrades, particularly to enhance pedestrian safety.

The project is scheduled to begin in 2025-2026 and the plan focuses primarily on improvements between the two roundabouts on Galston Road and includes the following elements:

  • Installation of traffic calming devices and a median strip along the road in front of the shops to prevent westbound vehicles from turning into the parking spaces.
  • Upgraded and widened footpaths to accommodate mobility scooters, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Upgraded entryways at the roundabouts.
  • Angled parking bays in front of the shops to facilitate drive-in/ reverse-out movement in an eastbound direction.
  • Landscaping with feature trees along Galston Road.
  • Addition of leisure and recreational seating at the Arcadia Road/ Galston Road corners, including bike racks, drinking fountains, and a pergola with seating.
  • New pedestrian crossings on Galston Road and Arcadia Road.
  • Relocation of the bus bay westward towards the library.
  • Enhanced bench seating, planter boxes, and wider footpaths outside the shops on Galston Road.

Hornsby Council sees the works will commence during the year 25/26 with assistance from Transport NSW for additional funding. Questions from the floor asked about the provision for public toilets, as this is lacking within the vicinity of the shops. There was also concern about the calming devices causing a ‘rat run’ via Glen Street and the design is kept in keeping with the rural nature of the village and the placement of landscaping blocking vision for cars leaving private driveways.

Johnson Road, Galston
Stephen Head, General Manager of Hornsby Council then addressed the meeting about Johnson Rd. In June 2023 Council resolved to prepare a Planning Proposal to rezone its land on Johnson Road, Galston and the preparation of the planning proposal is underway with several studies having already been prepared.

Council officers have engaged a qualified arborist to inspect and provide advice on each tree over 3m on both 1 & 3 Johnson Road, Galston sites. As part of the arborist inspection, each tree that has been inspected has been tagged so that the Council’s surveyor can locate each tree on a survey of the site. The tags will remain attached to trees on the site until the survey is complete and has been reconciled with the arborist’s inspection notes. Stephen Head also advised at this time there will be no development until at least 2026.

The Off-Leash Dog Park – Fagan Park
Stephen Head, General Manager of Hornsby Council then addressed the meeting about the Off-leash dog park at Fagan Park. He advised that this area in Fagan Park is still under review.

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Sonja Cameron, President [email protected]