Galston Swim Club to Dive Back in

As the community eagerly awaits the imminent opening of Galston Aquatic Centre, the beautifully cottonballed “Galston Swimming Club” is starting to stir.

The club was put into hibernation whilst the pool was redone but will soon be ready for its grand awakening.

The club remains in a strong financial position with plenty of equipment but will need a new executive and new members after its rebirth. If you are looking for a great sport that the whole family can be part of, consider getting in on the ground level in Galston Swim Club.

There will be members of the old executive around that will help guide you through the process of restarting the club.

The club has a proud long history of producing elite swimmers and I am confident, with this brand new facility, the club will quickly reestablish itself as a high level, family based club.

Please email the club at [email protected], or go to our Facebook (Galston Swim Club) page and leave a message if you have any questions or enquiry. At the time of writing this article, there was no set opening date for the pool but it should be November/December. It will be awesome!