Galston Spotlight on Rising Stars

The Galston Concerts turn the spotlight to rising stars in June with their inaugural mid-year Mozart Young Performer Competitions for piano.

Prizes totalling $2000 will include the chance for winners to perform with a professional orchestra. Details and entry forms are available by contacting Artistic Co- Director Robert Harris on 0428 248 348 or email [email protected].

Applications will close Friday 26th May.
Three sections for solo pianists at various levels of experience up to age 20 will be presented starting 1pm on the Sunday afternoons 18th and 25th June in the Galston Uniting Church.

A further section in mid July offers prizewinners a rare opportunity for pianists up to age 24 to play a Mozart piano concerto with the Lurline Chamber Orchestra at The Galston Concert of 17th September.

The Mozart theme invites young pianists to play music by not only the young Wolfgang Amadeus or his Classical friends but also by an Australian composer.

“I like the ‘then and now’ balance of music composed around the time of Captain Cook or the First Fleet – Mozart died in 1791 – and music of today” says Robert Harris.

“The concerto with orchestra is the jewel in the crown of these competitions but also honours Mozart who was the great young pianist of his time.”