Galston Shopping Precinct Upgrades 2020-21

At our meeting held on the 25th October at the Galston club we invited members and guests to listen and participate in discussions about the Galston shopping precinct.

OUR FIRST SPEAKER was Fiona Robbe, local resident and landscape architect, who presented past design ideas with traffic and pedestrian solutions with unique ideas to make Galston a rural village with atmosphere. Hornsby Council General Manager, Steve Head, presented the need to improve Galston with pedestrian safety and traffic management, which is imperative in the new plans. Hornsby Shire Councillor Warren Waddell, spoke about the need to ignite discussions and the need to engage the community and make public and private space work together for a better Galston Village.

The meeting was opened to the floor with ideas of how the community wants to see Galston:

• Traffic management plan including slow traffic and make it safer to cross the road, angled parking and slip road.
• Access to public toilets
• Pedestrian safety
• A hitching rail for horses
• Bike racks and cycleways
• Improved Library to include IT hub and better services• Coach parking
• Local shops = local employment
• Green spaces and community gardens
• Improved disabled parking and easier access to the shops
• Playground and youth activities
• Collaboration between precinct owners
• Cohesive approach and encouraging employment with improved public transport.

There were many more thoughts on the night but everyone at the meeting was in agreement in wanting to see improvements for this community space. The council has received four tenders and the process continues through 2019 with further community consultation and collaboration. The designs will be produced by mid-2019 and construction during 2020-2021. An exciting time for the Galston Village, so keep up to date on further meetings.

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