District Exercise
Galston Rural Fire Brigade recently took part in an extensive training exercise in the Hornsby area. Numerous brigades from our district were involved in the event, which comprised of eight different scenarios, including navigation, practical and community engagement exercises. A great emphasis was put on COVID-19 awareness with teams limited to four people per truck and the use of appropriate health and safety precautions in all scenarios.

Following on from the devastating 2019-2020 bushfire season, teams were also exposed to an important community engagement scenario, enacting an imminent bushfire threat. Thanks to all the brigades who took part in the running of the exercise.

Electric Blanket Safety
We’d like to remind people about winter home fire safety after a recent Sydney house fire was caused by a faulty electric blanket. Remember, electric blankets are not designed to be used while sleeping.

Using your electric blanket: Test it before use – look and feel for any abnormalities or damage to the internal wires. Inspect cords and the controls for damage. Turn it on for 5 minutes and feel for any uneven hot spots. If you notice any of the above the electric blanket should be replaced.

Storing your electric blanket: Always roll your blanket when in storage. Never fold it, this can cause damage.

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