Galston High School multi-district exercise
Recently Galston RFB took part in an extensive training exercise at Galston High School focusing on structure fires. Numerous brigades from several districts and agencies attended the event which included breathing apparatus drills, leadership training, and communication exercises. Part of the event included search and rescue of the school buildings and classrooms and full decontamination procedures.

Galston500 and Kiss Goodbye to MS
The Galston Firies attended the Galston500 at the Galston Valley Railway for a fundraising event for Multiple Sclerosis research. The event was hosted by the Hornsby Model Engineers Co-Op, which consisted of 5” Scale Model Locomotive teams attempting a combined total of 500 laps of the 1km track to help raise funds for MS research. By the end of the day they managed to raise over $5500. Galston’s primary structure firetruck was there with interactive hose drills for the kids and also to help answer any questions from the public.

No Permit Pile Burn
Galston assisted Dural RFB with a recent pile burn that was burning without a permit. Pile burns are helpful for property maintenance and to reduce bush fire fuels ahead of the official fire season in October. However, permits for pile burns are required all year-round. Please make sure you contact your appropriate council for advice on a permit. NSW RFS Fire Control and your neighbours must also be notified, and piles must adhere to the approved standards.