Galston RFS and International Womens Day – 9th March 2024

The aim of International Womens Day (IWD) 2024 this year was to Inspire Inclusion and collectively aims to forge a more inclusive world for women. IWD has been an ongoing event since 1911, and is truly an inclusive, diverse and eclectic moment of impact worldwide.

To celebrate Galston Rural Fire Brigade hosted an event to celebrate IWD 2024 on Saturday 9th March, with an all women crew leading an open day for other local women to visit station and showcase the involvement of women within their local community.

Our 10 women and young women firefighters on the day conducted demonstrations of hose work, operation of pumps and other firefighting equipment to members of the public. Women from the community were taken on a tour of station and given an insight into “station-life”, the roles women play in the Rural Fire Service and how women from all walks of life can contribute to the service we provide to community.

From left: Jnr FF Breanna, Jnr FF Emily, Jnr FF Sarah, FF Jen, Jnr FF Emily, FF Tiffany

Being a Volunteer firefighter takes as much or as little time as you can spare, and you’ll meet some great like-minded people on the journey. You may have met Jen, a former Police Officer and Senior Fire Fighter and key member of our Community Engagement Team with Galston Rural Fire Brigade.

You would have seen her out and about chatting with the community on our Annual Santa Run, or manning the stalls at our Get Ready Weekend activities, Kings Coronation display at Fagan Park, and our regular Anzac day and Remembrance Day celebrations.

Firefighter Tiffany, primary school teacher, joined Galston Rural Fire Brigade to learn new skills and to help out the local community If you have ever considered volunteering in your local community we would love to have more women and young women join our brigade with young women able to join our Juniors Program from 14 years of age.

The service provides education and training on the latest firefighting skills and equipment, and our highly experienced trainers will guide and support your journey on to being a qualified firefighter.

You can get in touch with our team via Facebook, Instagram or via [email protected]