Galston Public School

While only a few weeks into Term 1 our kindergarten classes are settling into school very nicely. These little ‘first-timers’ are making a smooth transition into ‘BIG’ school and many have made new friends already.

Library Monitors for 2021 have also been chosen. Throughout the year these monitors will undertake a variety of responsible library duties such as caring for library resources and ably assisting our school librarian.

An SRC Induction Assembly will be held shortly for the 2021 Student Representative Council leaders who were recently elected. These representatives are keenly looking forward to representing their respective class and also enthusiastically organising many fundraising ventures for this year.

At the annual swimming carnival enthusiastic competitors demonstrated true Galston Public School spirited competition and exemplary sportsmanship.

If you would like to know more about our awesome school please contact the school office (9653 2062) and all your questions will be happily answered

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