Galston High Students Shine In Prestigious Music Programs

Two talented Year 10 students from Galston High School, Hayley Mathie and Jasmine Barrett, have recently achieved significant milestones in their musical journey, demonstrating the talent fostered within public education.

Hayley Mathie has been selected as the Principal Vocalist in the renowned Pulse Alive 2024 program. This event, a highlight in the performing arts calendar, will be held at Ken Rosewall Arena, Sydney Olympic Park on 14th and 15th March 2024.

Pulse Alive is a prestigious platform that provides unique opportunities for students from Kindergarten to Year 12 across NSW public schools to showcase their talents. It’s a testament to Hayley’s abilities that she has been chosen for such a significant role in this large-scale event, which celebrates the performing arts talents of students from Greater Sydney and beyond.

Galston High Students Shine In Prestigious Music Programs

Meanwhile, Jasmine Barrett’s musical journey took her to the Schools Spectacular, where she performed as a Featured Artist – Backing Vocalist. The Schools Spectacular is known for spotlighting some of the best vocal talents from NSW Public Schools, offering an exceptional stage for young artists to develop and exhibit their artistic capabilities.

Jasmine, through her dedication and hard work, which included extensive rehearsals during her holidays and weekends, has lived up to the high standards set by this program. Her role as a backing vocalist was the result of a competitive selection process that involved online video auditions and live auditions in Sydney, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to her craft.

The achievements of Hayley and Jasmine highlight the rich pool of talent nurtured within public education. Their success is not just a personal milestone but an inspiration for other young musicians