Galston High School recently held its annual Open Day with a great turnout of parents and prospective students ready to make the transition to high school in 2021.

“The Open Day was an enormous success,” said Ms Jillian Tourlas, principal of the school. “Those who attended had the chance to see exactly why we say that Galston High school is a small community with big opportunity.”

“As always,” she continued, “we had our student leaders conducting tours of the school on the day. Who better to answer questions on life at Galston High School?”

“Some of the most common questions we received were around how to apply for a spot in our High Potential class or receive an academic scholarship. With the current disruptions to normal life, we decided to extend the application dates for both of these popular programs, mindful that some families may need the extra time to apply.

Parents and carers can now apply up until to Friday, 8 May.”

Galston High School offers scholarships of over $1000 value for 2021 Year 7 students across a variety of academic and sporting categories, including:

∞ Academic Achievement/ Personal Best
∞ English/Literacy
∞ Mathematics/ Numeracy
∞ Science and Technology
∞ Creative and Performing Arts
∞ PDHPE/Sport
∞ Leadership and Public Speaking

Galston High School’s 2021 Year 7 High Potential program offers students the opportunity to put their education in the fast lane in an academicallyselective class with a targeted mix of additional educational experiences, tailored teaching and learning and a cohort of like-minded students.
More information and applications can be found via