Galston District Garden Club

The Galston Garden Club would like to thank the Community and wider public for the support to raise money for Charity at the recent October Open Garden Weekend.

The weather could not have been more perfect. I would like to congratulate the garden owners for their presentation of their gardens, the gatekeepers for their attendance at each gate and others working behind the scene.

In the New Year, we will be looking for new gardens top open for this event in 2024. If you know of a garden or would like to open your own garden the Club would love to hear from you.

On the 8th November, we had our last meeting until 2nd Wednesday in February. We welcome new members and visitors. Come and enjoy the club’s guest speakers, garden rambles and the company of people with an interested in gardening.

At our recent meeting, we had an interesting talk about Bromeliads. Alan bought along some of his collection and the members were able to purchase some of his interesting plants. In fact, he had nothing to take home.

For a feature plant in a shady or sheltered area in the garden or even for indoors, you cannot look past the Bromeliad. All arising from the same family (Bromeliaceous) there are a wide range of bromeliads to choose from.

They provide great foliage colour and form to the garden, can grow in trees and even produce fruit! Easy to grow and propagate they are a must have for the avid or beginner gardener… They like full sun, regular watering, well drained/sandy soil, and are suitable for all climatic zones.

Choose a spot in the garden that receives filtered sun and has well-drained soil. In poorly drained areas, create an elevated mound for free-draining soil or chunky orchid mix. Dig a hole in the prepared mounds the same size as the root ball.

Holding the main body of the plant with one hand, gently backfill the hole, pushing the soil under and around the roots so that the plant is sitting high on the mound. If the plant is unstable, you can use some supports such as stones or pots to hold it upright while its roots settle in.

Water in well. Ensure that you also place some water into the central part of the plant, as this is where they draw in further moisture as well. Food each spring and autumn with Dynamic lifter soil improver and plant fertiliser by applying around the root zone and water in well.

Our meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 37 Arcadia Rd, Galston the Community Hall at 7.00pm. Our next meeting will be in February 2024. For information regarding our Club please visit our website: or email: [email protected]