Galston Equestrian Club the end of a very successful 2018 – Merry Christmas!

At the November Horse Agility Day on 14 October, we had a lovely day challenging ourselves and our horses with Instructor Suzanne Bellette. There were many new obstacles for our horses to navigate and a jump off at the end of the morning, which kept everyone on their toes. Congratulations to the prize winners and we will do it all again next year.

After a very warm day on the Saturday, Sunday 28th October turned out to be quite cool and a little windy at times. The grounds were looking fantastic after all the lovely rain, and the excellent mowing job done by Hornsby Council. A different type of competition was tried this time, called a Super Two Phase, and we had 20 riders come along to give the course a run, the majority of them our members. Allowing for multiple rounds at the same height, we jumped 40 rounds of show jumping on the day. Our judge Jenny Neil always makes our day relaxed and informative.

The organisers did a fabulous job getting the day organised and we had some wonderful prizes from our sponsors Horseland Dural and Coprice/NutriRice. We are always pleased to host these jumping days and it certainly looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Sandy Lucas ran another excellent show jumping clinic at various heights on Tuesday 6 November. Ten riders participated and benefited from Sandy’s brilliant diagnostic skills, her knowledge of how to overcome various problems, and her consistent good humour and encouragement.

The Club has invited Sandy to continue to run a monthly mid-week show jumping clinic throughout 2019.

On Sunday 11th November, we hosted our last Poles & Grids day for the year. The ever popular Tana Subotic-Holmes was instructing for the morning, and as usual we were fully booked. The weather and grounds were perfect and everyone had an amazing and enjoyable morning, learning the importance of grid work and how it helps both horse and rider. We will definitely schedule more of these days for 2019. Thank you, Tana!

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a wonderful, peaceful and safe 2019 with your horses and ponies! How lucky we are to share our lives with them! Treasure them, understand them and love them!

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