Galston Equestrian Club – one of the safest equestrian clubs in NSW

We had another glorious day on 15th May, utilising the Rural Sports Facility provided by Hornsby Shire Council with equipment belonging to Galston Equestrian Club. The focus of our monthy mid-week horsemanship practice day was to continue to help horses when they are reacting to something in the environment (such as a ball moving, an umbrella or a tarp flapping). We practised utilising rhythm, relaxation and retreat to support the horses’ instinctual way of managing situations of uncertainty.

Our Official Dressage Comp on 27th May was smaller than usual due to other Clubs running dressage comps on the same weekend, but our 50-odd participants had lots of enthusiasm. We had a very successful competition thanks to our hard working Committee, our wonderful volunteers, and our sponsors. Along with our regular sponsors, Horseland Dural and CopRice Feeds, we were lucky to have Mary Werick, operator of “A Better Way to Move”, who donated vouchers for Feldenkrais lessons to the 2nd place getters in the lower level classes. We had wonderful, very experienced judges who gave great feedback to the competitors.

We had Hornsby Councillor Matt Kean visit our grounds on 25th May to meet representatives of GEC and Arcadia Pony club. Matt recommended the grant for the defibrillator machine that committee member Linda McGregor organised, to be shared between our clubs. Linda also organised first aid training, including CPR, for members, so we now have 23 first aiders at GEC! Having the defib. machine takes the chances of applying CPR and keeping a person alive until the ambulance arrives, from 4% to 75%!!! This makes GEC/ APC a couple of the safest equestrian clubs in NSW!

Over the damp long weekend GEC conducted its first ever Working Equitation Mini-competition, consisting of a dressage phase and an Ease of Handling Phase. This phase involves riding your horse around an obstacle course, including spearing a ring off the side of a bull (a pretend bull, that is!). GEC invited members of Sydney Working Equitation (SWEQ) Club to compete alongside our members in a friendly and fun competition. Many thanks to judges and trainers Kim Peterson and Cody Wilson, who stood in the drizzle all day on Saturday instructing, and then who judged on Sunday. The event was a big success and SWEQ will run a reciprocal event later this year. Working Equitation is an enjoyable and thrilling equestrian sport and is a great way to train your horse, and GEC is thrilled to offer this opportunity to their members.

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