FrogID Week – 11 November to 20 November 2022

It’s Frog ID Week! The Bushland Shire is home to a great number of amphibious friends. You’ve probably heard one in your backyard at night or maybe even come across a pond of tadpoles while out on a weekend walk.

But did you know that frog populations face ongoing threats from habitat loss, fungal disease and climate change?

FrogID Week is held annually by the Australian Museum to help record frog calls using a free FrogID app, as a measurement of frog health and distribution around the nation. Taking part in FrogID Week will help provide the Australian Museum’s scientists with valuable data for the protection and conservation of frogs, allowing scientists to monitor frog distributions over time and helping them to understand how frogs and their ecosystems are responding to a changing planet.

So how can you get involved? Simply download the free FrogID app!

Find all the info including a link to the app, here: