With the worst fire season in history unfolding, not just on the East Coast, farmers and homeowners are suddenly realising that preparation is vital.

One company, Australian Pump Industries, has moved into high gear not just to dramatically increase shipments, but to also to pull engines forwards from the world’s biggest engine companies. “We were able to source Yanmar diesels and Honda petrol engines just in time,” said Aussie Pumps, Chief Engineer, John Hales.

Aussie Pumps is scheduling more diesel engine drive units into the pre-Christmas production program. The company says diesel fuel is safer to handle in a bushfire emergency, although engines are heavier and more expensive than petrol drives.

“The NPWS mobile units use the Aussie Fire Chief pumps fitted with Yanmar 4.8Hp diesel engines with electric start,” said Hales. “Tried and true in firefighting, they have done a terrific service over the last 20 years!” he said.

The Aussie Pump team has also rushed to print thousands of more copies of their Bushfire Survival Guide to help people living in endangered areas. “We tell people to either equip properly to fight the fire, that means the right equipment and the right preparation, or get ready to leave,” said Hales.

As farmers and homeowners rush to equip themselves with firefighting protection equipment, fire pumps and hose kits are in urgent need. Aussie Pumps warns the public not to compromise buying 3rd world pumps.

“Be prepared, buy the right kit the first time and don’t be sucked into cheap third world products that may not perform or do the job required,” Hales comments. “We hear horror stories of third world pumps that simply don’t work, don’t prime or won’t start. Many of those pumps are just replicas, they are only designed to be sold,” he said.

For more information on Aussie’s comprehensive fire pump line up, a link to the Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide, is readily available on the Aussie Pumps website, together with a list of Aussie Pump Distributors.