Finding Christmas in the Garden


A perfect bird’s nest, discovered in the heart of the old-fashioned rose bush. Lusty borage displaying delicate stars of sky-blue flowers amongst its hairy leaves. The fragrance of nutmegs released from crushed leaves of the native shrub, Backhousia myrtifolia. A trailing vine of flowering jasmine wound into a rustic wreath. Tiny chamomile flowers gently gathered for an apple-scented tisane. A creamy umbel of delicate elderflowers overflowing my cupped hands.

Sweet peas blooming fragrantly at nose height. In the cool of evening, from the well, the frogs’ chorus swells. Self-sown heartsease flowers smile cheerfully beside the pathway. Tiny, stingless, native bees busily make sugarbag honey in the old pine-tree stump. Translucent rosemary blossoms lay sprinkled on dessert, creating minted magic. Pine cones harvested last autumn, now lay fragranced with essential oils. Sprigs plucked fresh from the rosemary hedge, now are enclosed in Christmas cards and sent to friends with “ sweet remembrances”.

This Christmas may your garden enrich your life and make this season merrier.