Farewell Northholm Class of 2018

On Monday 24 September, Year Twelve celebrated their final day at school. They enjoyed a breakfast with their families and members of Staff, House Farewells, led by their Heads of House, and a Valedictory Service attended by all students from Kindergarten through to Year Eleven, their families and Staff.

“It is with a sense of deep gratitude and genuine happiness that we reflect on our Northholm journey today,” said Eliza Dessen, School Captain, as she and her Co-Captain Jackson Purchase addressed the School for their last time. “Back when we started school at Northholm we may not have understood the value of our small class sizes, or specialist teachers and tiny violins, but looking back, it really was idyllic.”

Jackson continued saying, “It’s bitter-sweet to leave a place we all resented on countless Monday mornings but are going to struggle to leave behind after today. I cannot speak highly enough of this school and the opportunities it has provided, not only for Eliza and me, but for all of us over the course of our schooling.”

“The thing I’ve come to appreciate most about Northholm is that every student is truly valued for who they are as an individual,” said Eliza. “Our teachers are genuinely interested and have encouraged our diverse endeavours and on behalf of all of Year Twelve, I thank every teacher who has challenged us and shaped the confident students who leave you today. You have inspired us to become caring, creative and critical thinkers.”

Elisa and Jackson went on to encourage younger students to embrace every opportunity Northholm has to offer. “You will try some activities for a short time, and others will develop into lifelong interests. In Assembly this year, the Prefect Team has encouraged you to be ‘curious’, and we hope you will continue to keep learning as much as you can, and asking lots of questions, because this will help you to find your own voice on the things that matter most.

“Remember, your teachers are here to help. They will support you to become the kindest, most thoughtful versions of yourself, like they have encouraged each of us.”

The School is very proud of the way Year Twelve have conducted themselves, and thank them for their leadership, creativity, optimism and genuine care for each other – they have been a credit to themselves, their families and the School. We wish them a very productive time as they prepare for their final HSC exams.

Farewell Year Twelve, Class of 2018.