Enduring Appreciation

In this ‘connected’ world it seems that we are more in touch with global affairs and trends than news from our own beautiful community and the people who keep it beautiful. Two of those people who really deserve to be praised and recognised for their wonderful work are Principal Anne ‘Millsy’ Mills (pic – right) and Sue ‘Mrs Mac’ McLennan (pic – left), who are part of the great team at Middle Dural Public School.

My 6yr old is in Millsy’s class and is coming home smarter and more confident every day, and loves her school. Mrs Mills is as gentle, kind and graceful as she was the day I first sat in her class, 30 years ago, and I am sure my child will have the same happy memories of being taught by Anne.

Not only do we love the school, it is so clear that Anne and Sue have a love of children and a passion for teaching that I didn’t believe was possible. I never really considered how many things a teacher does until I became a parent at the school and can find myself overwhelmed at times when two or three children talk to me at the same time when I go to pick up my child. I have never seen a moment where these two passionate, professional women have even seemed flustered or frustrated let alone lost control of what is happening.

With the best mix of discipline, care and love, Anne and Sue have for many years been forging and encouraging the next generation of our local children to be beautiful resilient adults.

Middle Dural P.S is a lovely school with beautiful open land, gardens and wonderful facilities, but two of its finest assets are Millsy and Mrs Mac.