Emma Heyde and the Hornsby Greens

Emma Heyde-Four years as your councillor, and the fire in my belly burns as strongly as ever. I want to continue to care for our community.

So I am standing for reelection as councillor and for Mayor.

I’m looking forward to the improvements to Galston village finished. I want to see better access for rural residents to waste services like e-waste pickups. And of course, residents deserve to know that our precious rural lands will be protected for decades to come. This is a unique place. It must stay that way.

But too much focus from Council on expensive projects like Hornsby Park and sportsfields at Westleigh can mean that not enough money gets spent on the basics like keeping roads in good shape and putting in footpaths where they are needed.

I and my team will make sure that basic services are as important as exciting new projects. We will work for you to plan for better libraries and playgrounds, invest in our town centres, and continue to look after our reserves and waterways.

Hornsby Shire needs a mayor and councillors who are accountable, committed and in touch. Like you, I and my team love living in this area. A neighbourhood this good is worth fighting for.


Emma Heyde