Electronic Sign for Arcadia Public School

ARCADIA PUBLIC SCHOOL P&C applied to my office through the Community Building Partnership program to allow the school to install the much needed sign.

The new sign will allow them to display messages not only for parents and students but the entire community. To be able to assist schools in this way frees up funds to be spent in other much needed areas like equipment for classrooms.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hard working members of the P&C Association along with the teachers and Principal Sharon O’Brien for their work at the school.

I also attended the schools Walk to Safely to School Day – which was a fantastic morning. Walking to school with the students, numerous pets, horses and Rolfe on the bagpipes is always a great way to spend a morning. Thank you for letting me join you for a second year.

The Community Building Partnership grants will open again later in the year and for more information you can contact my office at [email protected].