Dural Public School Leadership Team

This year we have 10 students from Dural Public School who make up the leadership team for 2024. The school captains are Mia L and Hudson S and the vice captains are Emma F and Benjamin L.

The other members of the leadership team are Lachlan D; Sydney L; Lexie W; Jack W; Bella W and Gideon Z.

The role of a leader is a complex one. As they are the senior students in the school, they have a lot of responsibility.

They work with the younger students by helping them settle into school and showing them how to play games in the playground and they also work with the other students to support them in a myriad of ways.

Dural Public School Leadership Team

Our leaders communicate confidently with the students, staff and wider community and they work collaboratively to solve problems and to come up with some amazing solutions.

They are all very mature and they display this by taking responsibility for their actions and choices and showing this to all the other students at Dural Public school, leading by example.

All the members of the leadership team have a positive mindset and this is integral to inspiring and leading others. I look forward to seeing the leadership team develop into an inclusive and brilliant team who are paving the way for future leadership roles and responsibilities at Dural Public School and in their future life.

Hello! If anyone who either attended the school (Dural Public School) or who knows of any friends, neighbours or relatives who attended or worked here, could maybe contact me on 0412 231 491 as we are wanting to add names to photos. We have photos going back to the 1930s up until the 1980s. We are also missing a few year photos. Thank you.