Dural And District Historical Society at Blue Mountains

On the 15th March, a bus full of eager members set off for the Blue Mountains. The weather was clear and beautiful.

The anguish of Sydney morning traffic was quickly forgotten as the hospitality of the Blue Mountains Historical Society made us all welcome. Devonshire tea, expert explanations of their museum, and an enthusiastic tour of the surrounding villages. A memorable first tour for 2022, with more to follow.

Councillor Nathan Tilbury, our guest speaker for March, entertained members with his talk on the Ginger Meggs’ story and paid tribute to the late, Tom Richmond, who was fondly remembered by past Galston High students.

The 10th April meeting guest speaker will be Mrs June Byrne from Rowland Village, who will present her extensive research on George Adolphous Thomas.

Thomas was an artist who had a stone cottage on the western side of the Gorge not far from the waterfall. He was a renowned Egyptologist, an outspoken critic of modern art and particularly of Sydney life and the need for a bridge across the Harbour; most topical its 90th anniversary.  Blue Mountains

Our April meeting will again be held in the Uniting Church, School Rd Galston, starting at 2.00 pm. All are welcome; stay for a chat over afternoon tea and catch up on the story of one of the many colourful local personalities from our local history.

Contact Michael on 9653 1365 for enquiries.

Blue Mountains