Dural and District Historical Society Inc.

With the death of Celia Van Tilburg, our Society lost a valued member who worked diligently behind the scenes.

On the 22nd of May, ten members toured No. 3 Quarantine Cemetery on North Head. It was a beautiful day, with Sydney Harbour stretched out before us. Our guide was Don Napper and members remembered the various talks he had given them over the years. His commentary was enlightening and enjoyable. His vast general and specialist knowledge made every memorial an interesting lesson. After lunch we visited the former St Patrick’s seminary in Manly and were kindly shown through part of this magnificent building.

The research on WW1 soldiers from our district is nearing its end and a book is to be published. The Society would be pleased to hear from readers who have memorabilia that could be included. Please contact me on 96531365.

Our guest speakers for the June meeting were Effie Alexarkis and Leonard Janiszevski, locals from Fiddletown and social history researchers from Macquarie University. What an interesting afternoon that was! It was especially pleasing to have so many visitors of Greek origin come along and they were able to give Effie and Leonard more research material.

In July, Celeste Radcliffe will speak on her experiences as a psychiatric nurse in the 1960’s. This will be a thought- provoking talk, which may give us an insight into a modern issue.

The June Roughley Memorial Lecture, on the 11th August, will be on the Colonial Irish Distillers. Smugglers Ridge, Still Creek and copper pipes in abandoned wells, give a fair indication that our district had a connection with the subject of the talk. A recent discovery, to be displayed on the day, will add to the evidence. Please advertise this event among your acquaintances.

In the evening of that day there will be a community dinner and our Society will have a table or two. Please let me know if you would like to be included.

Our next tour will be on the 17th July to North Sydney. We will be guided by Ian Hoskins of North Sydney Council, as we visit the colonial home of Berry and Wollstonecraft and St Thomas Cemetery. Please give Pauline or me your name if you intend to come. The price is $35.oo

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