Dural Bowling Club News

Robyn Scoble Honoured
The recent awarding of Life Membership to Robyn Scoble was a recognition of her long service to the Bowling Club. A very competent bowler, Robyn won many events at Dural and away, including pennant wins and the Dural Major Singles.

Robyn has been a member of the Dural Bowling Club since 2001. During her time, she has held a number of offices, particularly President.

During that period the men’s and women’s clubs decided to amalgamate, she was just the right person to attend to the details of the constitution and practices of a joint men’s and women’s club as the foundation is so important to the well-being of any organization.

She stayed on as president of the new venture to see it settled. She likes keeping in touch with members from the past and checks on members who are absent without cause!

Mixed Triples Competition
Final results. Team 4 – Marion O’Connell, Mike Keane and Norm Nicholson.

Anyone interested in playing bowls or having a Barefoot Bowls Party please contact Robert on 0411 375 580