Dural And District Historical Society Inc: News From History Cottage

What an afternoon the Society had at its September meeting!

One hundred members and visitors came to hear Mark Tedeschi prosecute the case to convict eleven convicts, put on trial for the murder of 28 Aboriginal men, women and children at Myall Creek in 1838. With a methodical presentation, of the facts and opinions of the times, Mr Tedeschi made those in the audience consider what their decision would have been, then and would be, now. The silent thought, then animated discussion over afternoon tea, would seem to indicate a greater understanding of the problems confronting us to-day.

This year has seen a remarkable resurgence of participation in meeting attendance. The guest speakers have been excellent, covering a wide range of interest and local history. Next years speakers and one day tours, are being arranged. It is hoped that the increased numbers will justify participation in two and three day trips to more remote historical destinations. These are always most enjoyable and economical.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held in the Uniting Church on the 8th October, at 2.00pm. It is hoped the Management Committee could be filled with the permissible eleven members. Residents are encouraged to join and take a part in their local historical society.

As an added interest the AGM will be a Show and Tell of things of interest. Bring along an object to display and give a short explanation of its significance to you.

For enquiries contact 9653 1365.