Dural And District Historical Society Inc. – From History Cottage

Over the coming year the Society has arranged for four one-day tours and nine guest speakers for the enjoyment of Society members and the general public.

We live in one of the earliest districts visited and settled by Europeans. Like any small community it is the little details, the events that have happened, the people who live and have lived here and the buildings erected, that make us unique. By knowing something of its story we can better understand our place within it, value what is here and maybe, take an active part in its preservation and enhancement, while enjoying its special assets.

Our first tour on, Tuesday the 12th of March, will be of our special community. The price will be $30.00 each. Bookings can be made at the Society’s meeting on the 9th February or by contacting Michael on 96531365.

The guest speaker for the February meeting will be long-time local resident, artist, ceramicist and teacher, Gordon Finlayson; his topic, “The Mystery of Art”. There is much to see and learn when really looking at a work of art.

Future meetings are on the second Saturday of the month in History Cottage, 412X Galston Road, Galston, starting at 2.00pm. with afternoon tea to finish.

Here are two questions to consider, the answers will be revealed on the tour. Where, in Galston Gorge, are the Aboriginal ochre pit and the coach lay-bye and what is the rare engineering structure ?