Dooral Early Learning Centre

Dooral Early Learning Centre is a brand new early learning centre with long day operation hours from 7am to 6pm.

Based on the Early Years Learning Framework, the learning experience is directed by children’s interest and need; practice is daily reflected by the educators; and the assessment is carried regularly. Our challenging learning program will inspire the children to explore with imagination, to inquire with curiosity, and to experiment with critical thinking. With the principles of respect and responsibility; children’s health, safety and wellbeing are paramount.

Dooral Early Learning Centre is very proud of its facility, including the stunning children’s furniture, sufficient educational equipment, an inviting outdoor play area, and an expansive car parking. Sustainable practice is incorporated into our daily practice throughout the centre. Our highly qualified educators are caring, loving, encouraging, positive, responsive, supportive, creative, patient, and responsible.

We initiate our children to learn to care for the people around us; care for the nature; care for the environment; care for our earth resources; care for the animals; care for the community; and care for our future. Dooral ELC collaborates with families and communities with high respect, understanding and appreciation.

Differences of cultures, family structures, religions, nationalities and ethnicities are respected and included in our daily practice program. Dooral Early Learning Centre has enriched early learning programs to support our children to lay a solid foundation for their future school life. Healthy eating habits, hygienic knowledge, independence, sense of appreciation, emotional and social skills, visual arts, performing arts, music and movement, sports, foreign languages, literacy, numeracy, science, morality, ability to be happy, critical thinking are just some parts of the children’s learning experience.

And we have some more areas for the children to explore, to inquire, to imagine, to create, and to maximise their holistic development in their early childhood. Dooral Early Learning Centre, part of the community, is right here to support our families, our schools, and our children! Let your child be the captain! Dooral ELC is the tailwind helping your child to sail towards a bright future.

Contact: Silvia Li 0404223060 / 96539966
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Address:774 Old Northern Road, Middle Dural

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