Doctor Tutor

Hi, my name is Marcus Whelan. I am the proud new owner/ operator of an exciting franchise business called Tutor Doctor.

As a father of four beautiful children, I know first-hand and firmly believe in the vital role education and successful learning plays in the development of healthy, happy children, teens and adults. That’s why I want to help and support, not only my children’s life potential but hopefully, that of the wonderful community of Glenorie, Galston and Arcadia, with which I’m proud to be a member.

I came to live in Glenorie some two years ago now. Born and bred in the Hills, I know the north west of Sydney very well. I’ve been working as a psychologist for the past nine years and have done a small stint as a high school teacher. Basically, I love to help! In my work as a psychologist, I have been in the privileged position of helping people with their mental health and supporting people to change their lives, psychologically. Whilst still a psychologist I am excited about spreading my wings into another business, Tutor Doctor, with the expressed determination to help every student and learner of any age improve their education and learning potential.

We all learn differently! Schools and teachers in our community do an amazing job! At Tutor Doctor, our purpose is to supplement the excellent work of our schools in a personalised and tailored way by providing one-to-one tutoring and coaching in the comfort of learner’s homes.

All in all, I saw a fantastic opportunity in Tutor Doctor and am so looking forward to helping students and families. At Tutor Doctor, we change the trajectory of student’s lives! We may not be actual doctors, but we do help, and we make house calls!!