We wish to send out a big thank you to everyone who has supported CWA of NSW – Galston Branch fundraising efforts over the past year, in particular the local businesses and individuals that made donations and attended our Charity Fashion Parade held in June.

Your continued support has enabled us to make charitable contributions to a variety of organizations which help our local community with matters such as domestic violence, homelessness, medical aid, and wildlife rescue to name a few.

The focus of our July meeting was to allocate donations; there was much enthusiastic debate over numerous cups of tea and it was so satisfying to be embodied by such a spirit of giving. For the complete list of donations made or to bring a worthy cause to our attention, please contact us via our Facebook page – www.

After the formalities of our July meeting we enjoyed an afternoon of Show and Tell where Galston CWA makers showcased some amazing handmade creations, amoung them were exquisite quilts, heirloom dresses, delicate dolls, and a plethora of knitted beauties. Just as amazing as the creations themselves were the stories behind them.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 14th August from 10am at the Galston Health and Resource Centre, followed by lunch and a crochet lesson. If you don’t know how to crochet, we’ll teach you! Bookings are not required, please feel free to join us.

Enquiries: Jann – 0439 222 217 | Pam – 9653 1036