Creating future leaders at Galston High School

GALSTON HIGH SCHOOL is dedicated to building leadership in youth. Bendigo Bank shares this passion for youth leadership and, as a long term supporter of Galston High School, recently sponsored a student to attend the 2019 Magic Moments Youth Leadership and Business Summit. Targeting 14-17 year olds, the Summit included inspirational speakers and coaches from a range of backgrounds, along with interactive sessions alongside other youth leaders, to create an experience that teaches youth to embrace their greatness.

Galston High School’s Gypsy Sumner-Murphy of Year 9 was the student selected to attend and the lucky recipient of Bendigo Bank’s generosity. Gypsy had the following to say about her time at the Summit:

“I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend the Magic Moments Youth Leadership and Business Summit last July. This was a five-day camp, which aims to build on the leadership skills of young adults. The program offered a wide variety of activities, which helped me grow as a person and a leader. These activities were based around teamwork and taught us the importance of working together.

“I was put into a team with eight other participants from around Australia and the world. We started as a group of strangers but eventually grew into a family. I watched these people grow with me as we worked through the activities and challenges given to us.

A few days in and we were given a business plan, which we were to refine and present in a ‘Shark Tank’ style environment. Throughout this activity, we learned to listen to each other’s ideas and how hard it truly is to start our own business. But this, just like the other events at the camp, helped to teach us that if you want to achieve a goal, you must give it your all, try again and again until you succeed and that it’s okay if you have to lean on someone to achieve that goal, because that’s what leadership is: helping others to be their best.”

Galston High School thanks Bendigo Bank for its ongoing support and encouragement of our students.

Praise for Galston High School’s “The Wizard of Oz”

After months of rehearsals, costume creation, prop building and stage and lighting design, Galston High School performed its 2019 musical, the Wizard of Oz. The reviews are in and they are glowing: Galston High Schools 2019 musical was a smash hit with all ages!

“The show was spectacular from start to finish. The performers were delightful and our children were thoroughly entertained and engaged by the charming, energetic and charismatic leads, as well as the many talented students in the ensemble. I laughed. I cried. I clapped and cheered and I loved the way your students both inspired and entertained our children. We cannot wait for your next performance Galston High School!

“The performers were amazing! Their singing and perfect comedic timing was outstanding. Congratulations also to your very talented staff who built that amazing set.”

“Congratulations on such a fabulous show. So well produced, so well put together and so much talent on display. What a great memory for all of the cast involved… So many great individual performances to single anyone out.”

“Kenthurst Public School students and staff are in awe of these magnificent performers. Congratulations to all of the magnificent GHS staff for an amazing production. Brilliant!”

“Was such a great night. Well done to all the performers and crew. Such awesome talent and such dedication from Mrs Fuller.”

“Hillside School attended today’s matinee performance. It was amazing. Such a wonderful show. Well done to the whole cast and crew.”

“Congratulations Galston High on an amazing performance. Saw the show last night and was blown away by the talent. Such an incredible night, the performance by the Creating future leaders at Galston High School BY LUKE COSGROVE, DEPUTY PRINCIPAL Praise for Galston High School’s “The Wizard of Oz” students took my breath away. A few very funny moments as well, thanks for a great evening out and well done by all involved, it was just outstanding!”

“Fantastic show, loved every second of it!!!! Well done to everyone involved!!”

“It’s wonderful!!! So much talent at GHS and the teachers who put it all together – fabulous!!!”

“Saw it last night and I am amazed at the wonderful talent our high school has to offer. The students are amazing and a credit to the school.”

“Congratulations cast and all involved in this production. It was a fantastic show and you should all be proud of all the hard work.”

“Absolutely amazing! What talent and hard work has gone into the production !!!! Congratulations!”

“Fantastic show, so much talent, congratulations to amazing students and teachers!”