The year 2020 is underway and the graduating Class of 2019 from Pacific Hills Christian School are heading off to commence university, college and TAFE studies, or starting their employment, or having a Gap Year.

The 127 students who sat the exams performed exceptionally well in the 40th anniversary year of the School. Raquel Bradley and Chung Wah Or were recognised for receiving the highest ATAR results of 99.75 and 99.5. Both students achieved over 90 percent in their courses and were listed on the Premier’s All Round Achievers List.

Included in this contingent were 16 students from Year 11 who are involved in the Augustine Acceleration Program. Augustine is designed to provide learning experiences that challenge and extend students and it operates across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

The combined Year 11 and 12 students sat exams in 35 HSC subjects and their results in every course were above the State average. Band 6 results were achieved by 102 students who were mentioned on the Distinguished Achievers List. In the HSC Showcases and Exhibitions there were Major Works nominated for Shape 2019: Design and Technology and Artexpress 2019: Visual Arts.

In commenting on these performances, the Dean of Curriculum, Belinda Nunn, reflected the School’s holistic perspective which is a view to seeing young people develop across all areas of their lives not just in the classroom.

“The publication of the HSC results has been an opportunity to celebrate the many gifts and talents God has given to these students in our graduating year, and a chance to remember the contribution that they have made – culturally, academically, in serving, on the sporting field, and in the growing and sharing of their faith. It is also a time when we recognise the efforts of our teaching staff and the support provided by the students’ parents.”