Christian like a Secret

So what is a Christian? It’s more than a label, like a clothing brand. It’s more than a concealer, like make up. In fact Christianity is a lifestyle, all encompassing.

Why then, does it so often appear that Christianity seems like a secret society, an “in club” or cult.

For many Christians it seems that we are happy, or at the very least committed, to going to Church on Sundays (or Saturdays) and for the remainder of the week hope this gathering does not interrupt the rest of our week or our busy lifestyles.

In fact sharing our weekend gathering is inconvenient.

After all, we wouldn’t want others to join would we!

We may have to share our coffee machine, or not be able to sit in our regular seat.

We might not even like them, what if they don’t fit in.

As Christians we are not called to a secret society, filled with whispers, secret handshakes, encoded signs. Rather, we are called to be the light of the world, like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

Being Christian is something we should shout from the rooftops, in the hope that others will share our joy. Not turn or burn shouting, but praise and worship, love and joy pouring out of us as we bask in the glory of the Lord.

James 1:22 says “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

The Gospel is good news, not a secret society! It’s to be shared.

Seek opportunities to share the Gospel, not necessarily through preaching and teaching, but as Francis of Assisi said, “Preach Jesus, and if necessary use words.”