Where the Chickens Come First

What came first the chicken or the egg? It doesn’t really matter, because here at Leah’s Chook Shed, we sell both.

We have been selling fertile eggs for almost five years now. Whether you choose to enjoy hatching your own chicks from our fertile egg range or whether you choose chicks from our day olds through to 8 weeks. At 8 weeks, the chicks are fully feathered, no longer requiring heat and can go straight outside once you take them home. We are very passionate about providing you with beautiful healthy chickens that have been bred to the Australian Poultry Standards. All our chicks have also been professionally sexed, vaccinated and come with a guarantee that should one turn out to be a rooster, we will happily exchange or refund.

Heritage breed chickens come in many shapes and colours and some even lay different coloured eggs and will continue to lay up to 5 and 6 years of age.

Whether you have or haven’t had chickens before, we will happily work with you to assess which breeds and ages will work best for you. Whether you want great egg layers, breeds that are good with children, want that colourful egg basket or just want beautiful and stunning chickens in your backyard, we are here to help.

With more and more families wanting to know where their food comes from, planting their own veggie patches and wanting to encourage their children to spend more time outdoors, what better way to encourage this, than with some of our beautiful Heritage chooks. Chickens are not only great for their beautiful fresh tasty eggs, they are also great at pest control and give plenty of free manure for your garden. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We are located in Galston and are by appointment only. Please feel free to take a look at our Facebook page; Leahs Chook Shed or for pictures and information of our beautiful breeds visit our webpage www.leahschookshed.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 0404 499 616.

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