Celebrating International Women’s Day 8 March 2022


It was not so long ago that the only role women played in the Bushfire Brigade (as it was known then) was to make sandwiches while the men fought the fire!

The brigade now has young girls as junior members. They have daughters, sisters, cousins, wives, mothers and grandmothers, all as invaluable members of the Maroota Brigade. They perform a diverse range of roles within the brigade. They are so important to Maroota Brigade as they bring a whole new perspective to what the Brigade does for the community.

The ladies can apply for any job within the Brigade. In the Brigade, They have firefighters, admin people, trainers and crew leaders. One day one or more of their ladies will make Deputy Captain or Captain themselves! It will all come down to the courses they do and the experience they have, the same qualifications as the men must attain.

Last but definitely not least, the women that stay at home and keep the household running, the business running and the farm running. THANK YOU, LADIES, they could not function properly as a brigade if you did not let your partners leave to attend incidents, meetings, strike teams etc.