Celebrating 25 Years

To celebrate 25 years in the alpaca industry, Gunnamatta Stud Alpacas are holding an open day at their property in Galston.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long,” said principal Sue Maynard. “It seems like only yesterday we were bringing our small herd to their new home in Galston.”

“We originally started with just a couple of alpacas and over the years that number has fluctuated. At one stage we had over 150 and this required the purchase of a small property out in the Mudgee area.

Our numbers are now more modest, but we’re still kept very busy.”

Each day seems to be different and the day to day husbandry provides a good amount of interaction with these delightful animals. Autumn is a particularly busy time. The showing season is in full swing and the Gunnamatta team is involved with a number of local events including the Royal Easter Show and the Hawkesbury Show.

Autumn is also a busy time for birthing and people attending the open day will see a number of very young cria (babies) and may possibly be on hand to witness a birth.

The animals located at Galston tend to include the show team, heavily pregnant females and mothers with very young cria at foot.

The open days have been an annual event at Gunnamatta for a number of years and it’s great often to see the same people year after year – coming to get their “alpaca fix”.

“We always enjoy having visitors come and interact with our alpacas and speak to us about this wonderful industry,” says Sue, “if people are looking to buy, that’s fine. If people want information, that’s fine. If people want a photograph for FaceBook, that’s fine. If people just want a relaxing day out, that’s also fine.”

This year Gunnamatta will be sharing the weekend with Kim & Bill Catt at Woolpaca Farm in Glenorie who will be open to visitors on Saturday 18th May.

Gunnamatta Stud Alpacas will be open for visitors on Sunday 19th May from 10 am to 4 pm. For further details contact Sue Maynard on 9653 2277 or visit the website

Woolpaca Farm is a boutique farm of around 35 alpacas. We breed mainly for colour and a family friendly temperament. Alpacas are great for small acreage as they are environmentally friendly, soft footed and great as herd guards for chickens, lambs and kids (baby goats) etc. Come along and enjoy a fun family day on a working farm in a parklike setting to gain hands on knowledge all the while surrounded by curious alpacas.