Cedarvale on the Road Health Seminars


At the end of next month, Adrian and Michealle Dorman from the Cedarvale Health Retreat in Kangaroo Valley will be coming to the Galston district to present a seminar series on healthy living and the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

During a career of over 30 years in health ministry, Adrian and Michealle have been involved in managing and working in a number of health retreats in the USA, Africa and Australia. Adrian has trained as a registered nurse, a health educator, a lifestyle counselor and a massage therapist, while Michealle has managed a health food store and restaurant and worked in several health retreats as a cook and instructor. Currently based at Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle Retreat in Kangaroo Valley, they conduct positive healthy living programs around Australia, and next month they will be coming to Galston.

The seminars will be held at Galston Seventh-day Adventist Church, 49 Arcadia Road, Galston, from Saturday 28th October to Wednesday 1st November, and topics will include the Blue Zone (secrets on living to an old age), beating diabetes, and losing weight. On Sunday evening a cooking and food tasting demonstration will take place.

For more information about this series, please contact Terry on (02) 9653 1247 (After 5.30pm) or on his mobile 0413 314 458. All ages are welcome to come and enjoy these seminars.