Bushwalking means different things to different people. Some are quite dedicated to the challenge of a long and varied walk, whilst others may engage in just a short walk on a regular basis. Others may only enter bushland reserves on a casual basis.

Nevertheless, all who spend time in the bush express similar feelings about having been there. There is a personal sense of freedom and relaxation as each individual enjoys an ever changing environmental scene.

Not all tracks are smoothly graded and easily traversed. Therefore bushwalking is not without unexpected challenges such as steep climbs, rocky terrain, wet areas such as creek crossings and clambering over logs.

Adequate clothing and footwear are essential. Due to the high level of effort that can be required it is a good idea to take a supply of water and maybe a snack bar or two. A light back pack is most useful in which to carry personal items securely. Some bushwalkers also take a small first aid kit.

Looking at this week’s photos will give you an idea of how experienced bushwalkers prepare for their excursion into the natural world. Most are wearing a hat; some wear sunglasses; several have equipped themselves with a walking pole; all have substantial footwear for the occasion.

Temperatures in bushland environments can be variable, so it is advisable to dress appropriately.

Take your time, looking at everything around and above you. Also look upwards – look to your left – look to your right – even look downwards. You may be pleasantly surprised, even amazed, at what you may see around you.

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