Budgerigar Society of NSW Inc Hills Branch

At the September Meeting of the Hills Branch members were treated to a very informative lecture, visual display and a hands on demonstration of the latest variety of budgerigar, namely the White Cap by Mrs Kathy Manton. Kathy is a Hills Branch member and a NSW Senior Panel Judge.

Exhibition budgerigars come in many colours and twenty eight standard varieties, as distinct from the Bush Budgie, which is predominantly light green. Whilst the Wild Budgerigar flocks can be found to contain the odd bird resulting from a mutation in the overall gene pool of the flock, the predominate colour remains light green..

Development over many years has resulted in the exhibition budgerigar of today being shown under the following varieties, which will be described in the following articles each month commencing with.

Know the Variety
Normal Green – Various colour green body, Black wing edged with yellow or white, Dark blue tail Black eye with white iris

Normal Grey Green – Grey green body, Black wing edged with yellow or white, Black tail, Black eye with white iris.

Normal Blue – Various colour blue body, Black wing edged with yellow or white, Dark blue tail, Black eyes with white iris.

The 25th November 2018 is the date of this years’ Lawn Show, to be held at St Ives Show Ground, located at 450 Mona Vale Road, St Ives. This particular event show- cases some of the rarer varieties of budgerigars. Entry is free and the general public are welcome.

Budgie Facts for this month:

• The budgerigar has a surprisingly high respiration rate of up to 85 breaths per minute.

• Their heart rates are also extremely fast, at over three hundred beats per minute.

• Budgies have a third eyelid which you can’t usually see but which is crucial for keeping their eyes lubricated and clear of debris.

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