Various members of the branch have been attending a number of country shows and having success namely;

Ed Steer
• Best Dominate Pied @ Penrith, Orange and Gilgandra Shows Adrian Corner
• Best Lacewing @ St George / Illawarra Show
• Best Cinnamonwing
• Best Opaline – Any Standard Variety
• Best Novice Young Bird and
• Best Opposite Sex
• Best Juvenile Bird and
• Best Opposite Sex

The great effort at these shows against all level of exhibitors, has seen both these members being confirmed as Intermediate Exhibitors for all future shows.

During November the Annual Lawn Show was held at St Ives Show Ground Pavilion, with the general public showing an interest in the birds on display. Also during November, Hills Branch held the annual Christmas Party at a Pennant Hills Restaurant, which allows members and their partners to socialise without a budgie in sight. This opportunity is taken by Hills Branch President, Daniel Childs, to extend Season Greetings to all the readers.

Budgie Facts
• The shells of Budgie Eggs are covered with tiny pores which enable oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through.

• The artificial light in our homes can disrupt breeding in budgies as they judge the season by the length of the daylight hours.

• Budgies do not have bladders. Their urine and faeces pass out the same orifice.

Know the Variety
• Opaline ASOV.
Solid even colour, Black wing edged withbody colour, Tail to blend to body colour, Black eye with clear iris.

• Clearbody.
Suffused Yellow or White body, Wings Black edged with Yellow or White,Tail Dark Blue to Black. Black eye with White iris.

• Lacewing.
Solid body colour, Wings cinnamon edged with White or Yellow, Tail cinnamon, Red eyes with White iris.

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