Budgerigar Society of NSW Inc.

Hills Branch members were prominent amongst the exhibitors at the Budgerigar Display / Show held between the 20th and 22nd July at the National Orchid Show, located at South Windsor Sporting Stadium. Whilst the Orchids attracted a great numbers of people all weekend, there was consistent interest in the Budgerigars on display. During the time that the birds were being viewed, Budgerigar Society representatives were kept busy answering the many questions from the general public, who identified as residing within a wide range of the suburbs that comprise the Hills Area.

The display of Budgerigars show- casing the various varieties and colours of the birds, was the result of the recent Budgerigar National Championships held at Penrith Panthers, Event Marquee ,during May 2018; where the Orchid Society of New South Wales provided an attractive display of Orchids. The combination of Budgerigars and Orchids has proved to be a very good match when on display, whilst also providing hobbies that compliment each other, and can be enjoyed by various members of a family or partnership.

Hills Branch Meetings have been attracting greater numbers of birds for the Table Show that is part of the each monthly meeting, with the awards being distributed amongst the various members at all levels of experience. Each meeting, great interest is taken in the products on display and for purchase to members and visitors, at the Trade Table operated by the Branch at reduced prices. This facility is very ably operated by Kathy and Ian Manton and appreciated by the members, and allows our hobby to be further enjoyed, by the purchase of products at reasonable prices.

Interesting Budgie Facts;

• Originally the budgerigars imported to Britain were a greeny-yellow in colour. The other colours that we see today have been developed over time.

• The first Blue Budgerigars in the UK appeared in1878.

• Budgerigars may be relatively small birds but they have up to 3000 feathers across their bodies.

• Budgerigars a species of parakeet.

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Hills Branch, Daniel Childs was re-elected as the President, along with all positions being filled by willing and eager branch members.

Care to be part of a hobby that can be enjoyed by an individual, partnership or family, then contact should be made with Peter Dodd by telephoning 9888-5631 or [email protected]