Budgerigar Society of N S W Inc. Hills Branch

Last month was the annual Night at the Flicks, for Hills Branch. Nola and Bruce Bradford (Budgerigar Society Photographer ), came along to the branch with a visual presentation of the 2018 National Title birds. Members and visitors had the opportunity to appraise these birds, along with past years National Winning Birds.

Know the Variety;

• Normal Grey – Grey body colour, Dark Grey wing edged with black, Black tail, Black eye with white iris.

• Black Eyed Self – Yellow or White body, Wings and tail to match body colour, Black eye with white iris.

• Red Eyed Self – Lutino – Yellow body, Yellow wings and tail, Red eye with white iris. NB Yellow colouring to be similar to buttercup.

Budgie Facts for this month; Budgies can move each eye independently of each other and see out of each eye independently. This is called monocular vision.

• Like cats when they purr, budgies grind their beaks when they are happy and feeling relaxed.

• Budgies have hollow bones which are filled with air sacks to aid flight.

At the recent Penrith Branch Annual Show held at Riverston, Hills Branch were well represented. Phil Ashby was awarded Champion Novice, after winning both the Cock and Hen Major Awards for Novice Status.

This opportunity is taken by Hills Branch President Daniel Childs to wish all readers a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable Festive Season; and hope to see you in 2019 at a Hills Meeting.

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