Budding Musician

“Learning music should not be a grind. Sure, back in the 50’s and 60’s when I was growing up, it was a daily grind of scales, obscure classical pieces which were mandatory for one’s education and progression, and heaps of theory. Ugh!

Yes, it worked well: the really driven and committed students followed this regime and eventually passed high level exams. A great many of us fell by the wayside: we ticked the Music Box, found it sorely lacking in spontaneity and enjoyment, and moved on.

The benefits of learning a musical instrument in our senior years are well documented. Music is known to light up all areas of the brain and helps to keep us in a learning arena. BUT IT HAS TO BE FUN. Why would we pursue something in our retirement years which is arduous? The answer is: we don’t!

Katy specialises in motivating and enabling older adults to play music and to enjoy it. We start with the humble Recorder and a music book with accompanying CD that will have you tapping your toes and smiling as you play along.

For an obligation- free introductory chat and demonstration at no charge, call Katy on 0497 20 20 20.