Bromeliad Society of Australia Guest Speaker Harold Kuan

The next Bromeliad Society of Australia meeting will be on the 8th July with plant sales from 10am and the meeting commencing at 12noon. The meetings are held in the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground, off Showground Road into Doran Drive, Castle Hill.

Our special guest speaker will be one of our younger talented members Harold Kuan. Harold joined BSA, 3 years ago after discovering his passion for the Tillandsia online.

Finding that his Tillandsias needed to be mounted for showing purposes he pushed himself to make the wire stands his entries required for Bromeliad competitions. With no previous training in metal work, he just figured out how to make them as he went along. Harold obtains the mesh from Bunnings, which he cuts with bolt cutters and then bends. For wood mounts he finds branches and large pieces on walks around his neighbourhood but purchases cork from an orchid supplier.

Currently he estimates Tillandsias make up 80% of his collection, but he also likes Billbergias, Dykias, Neoregelias, Aechmeas – really any bromeliad with colour, sculpture or unusual form.

Harold will give a hands on demonstration during his presentation at the meeting on “how to mount Tillandsia.”

Guests are most welcome to come along to Harold’s presentation. There will also be our regular meeting activities such as competitions, Raffle, Show & Tell, and a more recent activity called just “Show” for people who would just like to share a plant with others without it being critically judged or discussed.

For further information please contact Ian Hook, President of BSA on mobile 0408 202 269, email: [email protected] or refer to for the latest updates.