Brittany’s Carefree Debut

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The Dural resident reminisces about singing in her bedroom for “hours and hours and hours” after getting home after school. She laughs while sharing a story of how she used to create “little tickets on pieces of paper to her show” and make visitors sit down and listen to her singing.

“I always wanted to be a singer. My mum would say I’ve been singing for as long as I’ve been talking,” Brittany said.

It was a singing competition in Sydney’s east, where she placed second, that propelled the then 13-year-old into something more than just singing in her bedroom.

“Everything started falling into line, I’d meet somebody in the industry and they’d coach me for a couple months and then I’d meet somebody else. When one door closed, another one opened,” she said.

At 15, Brittany made the brave decision to head to the US to immerse herself in the music industry. She was quickly compared to US country pop star Miley Cyrus, which was “the best thing she’d ever heard” as she idolised Cyrus’ TV character Hannah Montana, from the hit US sitcom of the same name.

“Every time I wrote songs, it always had this country feel to it. But in production it would kind of get moved more into pop,” she said.

After spending a few years honing her craft and identity, Brittany decided country was more of a true reflection of her as a person and where her heart really was.

“I was doing pop music for a long time. But I always knew that my heart was in country music. It was what I wanted to do more than anything,” she said.

“So, I just decided one day that I was going to do what my heart wanted and what I love to do and I just decided I’d write a country song.”

Brittany’s first original country song – Carefree – has recently been released.

She said the song – which has a catchy up-tempo country pop feel – was based on her life motto, to live in the moment and not wait for people to keep their promises. It was also about living life to the fullest and really, embracing a “carefree” spirit.

The soon-to-be 23 year old also had an epiphany about living in America and decided recently to return home to her parent’s property in Dural.

“I quickly learned a lot about the industry [in the US] and then I just realised that I love home, and I didn’t want to be anywhere but home.”

The former Mount St Benedict College and Oakhill College student said nothing beats living in Dural – “I absolutely love where I live”.

“I love how everyone is nice. When you go into the IGA at Dural, everyone is smiling. Everyone is nice and happy and I think it’s because the air is so fresh,” she said laughing.

Recently Brittany performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and opened for the McAllister Kemp Tour earlier this year.

While Carefree is her first country song, she has released three other original songs and plans on continuing to work on releasing original music.

No doubt Brittany’s social media status will also continue to grow – to date, she has 381,000 TikTok followers and some 284,000 You Tube subscribers.

Brittany’s songs can be found on all the main streaming platforms.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]