Blocked Drains the Hills Style

Blocked drains are never a hit on the weekend but if they’re going to happen, you might as well deal with them the Hills style. And the Hills style means fixing pipes smart, fixing pipes affordably and fixing pipes better, so that everyone can get on with their day.

Dane Hutchens, owner of Nuflow Northwest says that apart from user misuse, blocked drains are most commonly caused by tree root invasion. However, pipes can also be damaged from natural deterioration of the pipe, earth movement, temperature extremes and renovations or building works.

Even though drains are mostly hidden underground and out of sight, things like gurgling in pipes, slow draining sinks or baths, toilets that won’t flush properly and strange yellow or brown patches on the roof or walls can mean a blockage or leak.

Pipe relining is a popular method of repairing blocked or damaged pipes. Put very simply, pipe relining involves creating a brand-new pipe within an old, damaged one where it sits in the ground. A composite resin liner is cured inside the pipe to cover and repair the damage. There is usually no excavation involved at all, the relined section of pipe is stronger than the original, and the work can be guaranteed for up to 50 years.

It might seem like it’s the end of the world, but technological advances in pipe relining mean drains can now be repaired without excavation (no digging). That means getting those pipes repaired could be as easy as one simple phone call.

More detailed information on pipe relining, can be found at or contact Nuflow North West Sydney on 02 9672 1184.

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