The special thing about dining at Bivianos Dural is the excellent taste of the meals which match the team that creates them.

As Christmas, the New Year and summer holidays approach, new tastes and food as art are topics on the mind of head chef, San, at Bivianos.

With a wealth of experience, he is often creating new recipes as different iconic days pass throughout the year. As Bivianos use seasonal vegetables and produces, he enjoys applying fresh ideas to the menu.

The Bivianos team source products from top quality local produce suppliers and farmers markets as well as from around Australia.

“Ideas usually come from flavours that make me imagine other meals that somehow spin off from what I’m cooking at the moment,” he said.

Every month the kitchen staff conduct an itinerary of the food and research local produce suppliers and other areas that supply the products they’re looking for.

“It’s deeply satisfying, producing traditional cooking tastes with so many different ingredients that we fall in love with over again because of how they can be refined on the plate,” he said.

He strives to produce top quality meals that reflect the products he uses including back angus tenderloins and lamb backstraps, the latter which is hailed as being among the tastiest parts of the lamb: the eye of the loin.

“That’s the part of the lamb that has a bit of fat, it doesn’t leave the meat dry. It’s very juicy. If it’s slowly cooked it won’t be left dry, tasting great and very juicy.”

The chefs make their own seasoning and marinades.

Two examples of their new creations are from this year’s Melbourne Cup menu.

I had a herb-crusted rack of lamb and enjoyed the softness of the pea mash and the beetroot puree.

The chocolate brownie on vanilla anglaise was delicious.

The annual Biviano’s Melbourne Cup Luncheon is on Tuesday November 5 from 11:30- 4pm.

Limited seats are still available.
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