Bissy Made This

Elizabeth was passionate from the beginning when she started making things as a child. Beginning with outfits for dolls and then onto making dolls themselves. This drive started from around the age of 3 or 4. She remembers cutting up one of her big sister’s slips as she thought it would make a lovely dress for her doll. The doll dress was lovely along with her matching underwear! After this event, Elizabeth’s mother, a highly skilled dressmaker, created a stash of fabric, wool and little threads, to support the passion and in readiness for Elizabeth’s creations. Elizabeth quickly moved onto making clothes for loved ones. Beadwork, embroidery, and crochet/knitting are among her loves, as you can see from her website. Over the span of using her hands and imagination to create, she cannot envisage not making things as it brings everyone including herself such joy.

Elizabeth can now share her creations with you with the help of

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth via email – [email protected]

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